Sketch It

Competition Details:

The Sketch It competition celebrates the art of sketching and drawing. Individual participants will display their artistic abilities using pencils, pens, and other drawing tools. This competition provides a platform for talented artists to showcase their sketching skills and create visually captivating artworks. By sponsoring the Sketch It competition, your brand can support emerging artists and inspire a love for traditional art forms.


Winning Prize Upto*:

 Rs. 15,000*

Entry Fee:

Rs. 600 Per Person

Early Bird Entry Fee:

Rs. 500 Per Person (Last date to avail 3rd June)


  1. Eligibility:
  • The contest is open to participants of all ages. (no less than 15)
  • The contest is open to individuals. (no groups are allowed)
  1. Theme or subject:
  • The contest may have a specific theme or subject, or it can be open to any subject matter, totally depends on the organizers.
  1. Artwork requirements:
  • All artwork must be in the form of sketching.
  • Acceptable mediums are (color pencils of all types, graphite, and charcoal).
  • Limitations on the size of the artwork will be given.
  1. Originality and ownership:
  • Plagiarism or copyright infringement.
  • Offensive or explicit content.
  • Hate speech or discrimination.
  • Violation of ethical guidelines.
  • Dangerous or harmful materials.
  • Commercial branding or promotional content.
  • Incomplete or unfinished artwork.
  • Artworks previously exhibited or awarded.
  • Non-artistic submissions (e.g., photographs, written essays, multimedia presentations).
  1. Judging criteria:
  • The judges will assess and evaluate how effectively the artist has interpreted the given theme and the originality and creative approach demonstrated in the artwork
  • The technical proficiency and skill displayed in the artwork, including aspects such as composition, use of color, texture, perspective, shading, or drawing accuracy.
  1. Prizes and awards:
  • Prizes or awards will be given to winners or selected participant.
  • Disqualification and disputes:
  • Violation of rules or submission of inappropriate content.
  • Disputes or conflicts that may arise during the contest.


* Winning Prize upto Rs.15K only when 40+ Participants will take part of the competition

* Winning Prize upto Rs.10K only when 20+ Participants will take part of the competition