CS Quiz Competition

Competition Details


Computer Science Quiz (CS Quiz) is designed for those who think they know well about Computer Science and its fundamentalsThis competition will have 2 rounds, qualifying round and final round. Qualifying round will be of 1 hour in which each team will be provided with 100 MCQs related to Computer Science general knowledge. Second round will be an online round in which each team will be asked 10 questions and they have to answer each question within 20 seconds.


Winning Prize:

 Rs. 5,000


Runner Up:

Rs. 3,000



Entry Fee:

Rs. 1,500 per Team



  • Teams consist of minimum 1 and maximum 3 members.
  • Use of mobile phone and any electronic devices is strictly prohibited within the competition premises
  • Participants are not allowed to collaborate with anyone else other than his/her team members during the contest.
  • Decision made by the judges will be considered as final.
  • Authority has the right to change any rule without prior notice.
  • The judges have the authority to disqualify any team in case of violence of any rule.
  • For first round question booklet, pens will be provided to each team.
  • Do not open question booklet until asked to do so.
  • First round consists of 60 MCQs.
  • Top three teams will qualify for second round.
  • Round 2 is divided into three different rounds, buzzer round, rapid fire and questions from the bowl.
  • In buzzer round, teams will be provided with the buzzers.
  • The first team to press the buzzer will get a chance to answer the question, there will be negative marking for wrong answer.
  • Rapid fire consists of 10 questions to be answered within 5 minutes by each team, team may skip any question but there is no negative marking in case of a wrong answer.
  • In Questions from the bowl round, each team will pick 5 chits for another team, which will have the questions written on them.
  • Each round’s score will add up to the total.
  • Team with the highest score from round two will be considered as winner


Competition Head:

Ali Shaheer

Contact: +92-336-3624357

Email: alishaheer71@gmail.com


Competition Co-Head:

Bilal Asam

Contact: +92-3087018890

Email: bilalgujjar96@gmail.com