Mobile App Development

Competition Details:

Calling all mobile developers operating in the depths of the underground! An exceptional opportunity awaits you to showcase your skills. Prepare to dive into the DSU Spectrum’s rapid-fire mobile application development competition. Participants will be entrusted with the challenge of creating a compact mobile application for any development environment, all within a nail-biting time limit. Those teams that deliver exceptional results will be rewarded handsomely for their outstanding achievements.

Winning Prize Upto:

 Rs. 30,000 

Entry Fee:

Rs. 1,500 per Team

Team Members:

Minimum: 2 Members

Maximum: 3 Members


1. Each team consists of 2-3 members.
2. Do not open the question booklet until asked.
3. If you leave the room, you cannot return.
4. Participants are not allowed to collaborate with anyone else other than his/her team members
during the contest.
5. Single round competition, the top team will be declared the winner.
6. Use of USBs, calculators, or any other electronic device is strictly prohibited. If anybody is found
using one, their whole team will be disqualified.
7. Each team must bring one personal laptop for (Android, IOS*) application development as
everyone is comfortable in their own working environment.
8. Android Studio or Eclipse, SDK, JDK, and other prerequisites should be preinstalled on the
computers. No additional time will be granted for configurations.
9. Each team should bring a laptop charger, an Android phone (Version 10 Quince Tart to 15 Vanilla
Ice Cream), and a USB cable for debugging.
10. Internet will be provided to the participants during the competition only to download and use
resources such as images, audio, etc.
11. No time or resources will be granted in case of hardware/software crashes. Participants should
have a backup plan.
12. Briefing on the task will be done 10 minutes before the competition starts.
13. Participants are allowed to develop the application in Android and (iOS platform*).
14. Teams cannot reuse code from the Internet or any other source.
15. Participants must submit complete application code files along with images of required
functionalities (PNG, JPEG, BMP etc.).
16. Solutions of participants will be judged at the end of the round.
17. The decision of the judge will stand unchallenged.
18. Your team can be disqualified if found using any unfair means during the contest.
19. Mobile Development Competition team also reserves the right to disqualify any team and/or
nullify his or her result for any violation.

Winning criteria:

Grading will depends on:
1. The number of implemented features.
2. Originality.
3. Functionality.
4. Performance.
5. Quality and design (including standards compliance).
6. Usability.


1. Papers and pens for rough use will be provided.
2. Internet devices.
3. Each team must bring one personal laptop for (Android, IOS*) application development as everyone is comfortable in their own working environment.


* Winning Prize upto Rs.30K only for 40+ teams will take part of the competition

* Winning Prize upto Rs20K only for 20+ teams will take part of the competition