Competition Details:

The Hackathon is an intense coding marathon where teams of three participants collaborate to develop innovative solutions within a limited time frame. Participants demonstrate their skills in rapid prototyping, problem-solving, and teamwork. This competition attracts driven and creative individuals who thrive in high-pressure environments. 


Winning Prize Upto*:

 Rs. 40,000

Entry Fee:

Rs. 2,000 per Team 


  • This event would be held in a classroom, so every participant is expected to bring their own Laptops for the competition.
  • Your idea will be graded according to viability, impact, feasibility, user experience, technical implementation, and presentation.
  • We expect you to bring your own original and creative ideas. Moreover, any sort of duplicated or plagiarized idea might result in elimination.
  • For the Designing portion, we would recommend you use Figma or Adobe XD. You can also use any online platform for that as well.
  • For the development section, you are free to use any IDE or any language or framework.
  • You are expected to submit a pitch deck on the second day, which will be in PPT format. 
  • Since the competition might last for at least 5 to 6 hours, you are advised to come with complete charging and a great backup time. Else you are expected to bring your own chargers along with the extension wires. 


* Winning Prize upto Rs.40K only when 20+ Teams will take part of the competition

* Winning Prize upto Rs.20K only when 10+ Teams will take part of the competition