Game Development

Competition Details:

Spectrum Game Development Marathon will gather computer science students from all over Karachi who have interest in 2d or 3d game development, and put them through 2 thrilling days of action during which they will be taught, mentored and inspired to develop a video game of their own.

Unlike many other game jams, our event will be targeted at absolute beginners including those who have always wanted to make a video game, but don’t know how to (although experienced teams are also welcome to attend, but may be judged on separate merit). Mentors at spectrum will be there to guide the participants with technical issues throughout the process.


Through this competition, we wish to:

  • Provide a platform to emerging and hobbyist game developers to learn, grow and test their skills.
  • Introduce beginners to basic concepts of game development.
  • Set DHA Suffa University and Spectrum brand as one of the very few places which provide opportunities to game development students in Karachi region.
  • Allow participants to connect with likeminded game development students from other universities.

Winning Prize:

 Rs. 12,000


Runner Up:

Rs. 7,000


Entry Fee:

Rs. 1,500 per Team


Competition rules:

  • Teams may consist of minimum 2 and maximum 3 members.
  • Teams need to arrange their own laptops. PCs will not be provided by the organizers. It is highly recommended that every participants bring their own laptops, but if that is not possible there should at least be one laptop per team.
  • Unity3D is the officially supported game engine of the event, but if participants have prior experience with other engines/tools they are allowed to use those. However organizers and mentors may not be able to help such teams if they get stuck using non-official tools.
  • Teams should install relevant software in advance. We strongly recommend all participants download and install free version of Unity3D, Blender (or 3Ds max), and adobe Photoshop unless you have prior development experience with other tools. Participants can feel free to contact competition heads before the event to help with installation of such software.
  • For maximum learning outcome, participants are encouraged to develop their own assets (scripts, models, etc). However it is not against the rules to use pre-existing assets as long as they are taken from the official unity store. Use of 3rd party assets from outside of Unity store is strictly forbidden any may lead to disqualification.
  • At the end of the event, participants are supposed to submit an executable file (exe, apk, HTML5, flv, etc) and the project source code containing all the assets.
  • At the end of the competition, participants are required to make a list of all external assets used from asset store and submit that list alongside their project files. This information may be used as a tie breaker or as grounds for introducing extra awards.
  • Video game entry must be new, relevant to the theme disclosed on competition day and developed on venue.
  • Participants are not allowed to submit projects they are already working on before the event.
  • Participants are not allowed to continue development (coding, 3D modeling, etc) at home, anyone found doing so will be disqualified. However participants can brainstorm for ideas and carry out paperwork.

In the interest of fairness and competitiveness some additional rules may be revealed at the start of the competition.

Judgement Criteria

-Gameplay: 25%

-Graphics: 25%

-Game Completeness: 25%

– UI 25%


In the interest of fairness and competitiveness, depending on the participant pool it may be announced on the first day of the competition that there will be one winner from experienced teams and one winner from absolute beginners, rather than one winner and runner up from overall competition. This decision will only be taken after we are sure that participant teams are from mixed backgrounds. If all or most teams are experienced (or if all are inexperienced) then there will be a winner and runner up prize.