Database Design

Competition Details:


Winning Prize Upto*:

 Rs. 15,000 

Entry Fee:

Rs. 1,500 per Team

Rules and Regulations:

1. Eligibility:
Only registered participants of Spectrum’23 are eligible to participate in the “Database Design” competition.

2. Team Size:
Each team can consist of a maximum of 03 members. Individual participation is also allowed.

3. Original Work:
All solutions and designs submitted must be original and created by the participants themselves. Plagiarism or copying from external sources will result in disqualification.

4. Time Limit:
Participants will be given a specific time limit to complete the assigned tasks or questions. It is important to manage time effectively to ensure all questions are answered within the given time frame.

5. Offline Competition:
The “Database Design” competition will be conducted offline, where participants will be provided with a set of questions or scenarios to solve using database design principles.

6. Answer Format:
Answers to the questions should be provided in a clear and organized manner. Use proper labeling and naming conventions for tables, columns, and relationships in the database schema.

7. Correctness of Solutions:
Solutions should be accurate and fulfill the requirements specified in the given scenarios or questions. Make sure to validate and verify your designs before submission.

8. Collaboration:

Participants are NOT allowed to collaborate with individuals or teams outside of their registered team during the competition. Sharing of information or solutions between teams is strictly prohibited.

9. The decision of Judges:
The decisions of the judges regarding the evaluation and selection of winners will be final and binding. No disputes or appeals will be entertained.

10. Design Principles:
Follow established design principles and best practices for database design, such as normalization, data integrity, scalability, and performance optimization.

11. Error Handling:
Implement appropriate error-handling mechanisms in your database design to handle exceptions, data validation, and data integrity issues.

12. Judges’ Decisions:
Accept and respect the decisions made by the competition judges. Their evaluations and rulings are final, and any disputes or disagreements should be handled according to the competition’s official procedures

13. Sportsmanship:
Display good sportsmanship throughout the competition. Treat fellow participants, judges, and organizers with respect, professionalism, and fairness.

14. Code of Conduct:
Adhere to the competition’s code of conduct, which may include guidelines on behavior, language, inclusivity, and non-discrimination.



* Winning Prize upto Rs.15K only for 40+ teams will take part of the competition

* Winning Prize upto Rs10K only for 20+ teams will take part of the competition