Dark Spider



Competition Details

Keeping this motive in mind, Dark Spider will give the participants the opportunity to judge their front-end skills when they would be designing the front-end without looking through what they have done. There won’t be any previewing of the output that they have coded and they would design the
code with their minds completely dark. This competition will allow participants to use HTML and CSS to design the website that would be shown to them Just in screenshots. The peak point of this challenge is that no previews of the results are allowed during the implementation, and no measuring tools can be used. The participant who go through this at their best would be appreciated as the winner.

Winning Prize Upto*:

Rs. 15,000

Entry Fee:

Rs. 6,00 per person

Team Members:

Minimum: 1 Member

Maximum: 1 Member


1. A Basic Code in the Dark editor will be available to the participants for coding.
2. Participants must submit all the HTML/CSS code files along with the image files (PNG, JPEG, BMP, etc.).
3. No iframes, frameworks, snippets, or any other assets existing outside the premises of the ones listed in the instructions are allowed. The site should be developed from scratch during the competition.
4. The contestant should have the editor in full-screen mode, and will not be allowed to exit out of it or use any measurement tools.
5. Preview of the results are strictly forbidden until the time is over.
6. Once the given timer rings, each contestant is required to submit their documents (HTML/CSS/other files).
7. The output of result will be shown on a projector to give an idea to each participant what needs to be constructed.
8. Judges will judge the output.

Winning Criteria:

The website that will be closest to the preview will be considered a winner. The aesthetics, design, and appearance of the website will be considered as the critical factors for the evaluation.



* Winning Prize upto Rs.15K only for 30+ teams will take part of the competition

* Winning Prize upto Rs. 10K only for 15+ teams will take part of the competition